Attendance this year in MLS has blown by many records, including some long standing ones.
Average attendance for the year is 17869, surpassing the inaugural season (1996) for the first time ever.  1996 had multiple things which caused their high average attendance, including double headers with the national team, the overall newness of the league, and the fact that all teams played in large stadiums meaning a couple high attended games could greatly influence the average.  This year, most of the teams played their games in soccer specific stadiums, where the maximum attendance was much more limited.
The median attendance of 17639 shattered the previous record of 15353 set in 2007.  This much more indicative of a broader, more consistent attendance base than average since the median isn't affected by how much over the middle any one game is.

There are also quite a few other impressive records, all of which can be found at the data source for this post here:
Many thanks to edwardgr for his in depth analysis of MLS attendance throughout the season.

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